March 27, 2020


We are pleased to announce Swa, a free and open source video conference solution! Go to and start your conference now! It is built on top of Jitsi and it allows for smooth and seamless video conference experience that works even in slow internet cases.


We want to help teams in Sudan to Work From Home (WFH), unfortunatelly due to US sanctions many of the great tools such as Zoom and Google Meet requires a VPN to operate, which makes them inacessible to a lot of use cases. Skype and friends can definitely be used too, but they usually require a more stable internet access, and they lack many of the features that Zoom and Meet provide. Swa and Jitsi on the other hand, requires low internet resources, hosted in Sudan (in our servers), and comes with nice features for team video conferences (I particularly find Raise your hand 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ feature to be awesome for teams!)

We will continue at Solus in our mission to help people and we are always more committed to open source and truly help you. Swa is just the first among many other solutions and services to follow. Go to and start chatting with your colleagues and your families now!

Stay Home, and Stay Safe

Built with ❤ by your friends from Shargii :)